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Admissions for Graduate Programs [Studying in the English language]

※As of the "Student Status" for 2020 entry , please check here[PDF 1.1MB].
※As of the "Number of Applicants and Successful Candidates," please visit here

Admissions Guide  

Graduate Programs 

2020 Entrance Examination 

You can send a request for admissions guide (book) from here. The university's prescribed forms downloaded from the website can be used for application.

Number of Applicants and Successful Candidates

For those who apply for Global MBA Course / Master's Degree Program, Global Business and Management Studies, or International Science and Technology Course, please download the Admissions Guide from each web page.
Graduate School of Business [Global MBA Program / Master's Degree Program, Global Business and Management Studies]
International Science and Technology Course

It is available to pay the application fee by credit-card on the internet (for particular courses only).
For more details, please visit here.