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Information of International Students

Messages from International Students

W・Y・Y (Malaysia), Faculty of Commerce

Everyone has a dream. Although it might not be clear now, however, I believe that it will be clearer after gaining a variety of experience. Of course, I do have a dream too. I trust that experience and knowledge I have gained in Doshisha University would lead me to my dream.
Doshisha University was my first choice. Doshisha University is a symbol of freedom and global. That is the main reason why I chose to study here. I belong to the Faculty of Commerce. Two different courses are offered throughout the faculty – General course and Flexible course. I chose the General course. You can gain a wide range of business knowledge, from finance to trading, marketing and more. Besides, the ‘two-major-system’ is definitely attractive too. Generally, you can only choose one as your major out of the five choices (Finance, Business Management, Marketing, Economics and International Business) provided by the Faculty of Commerce . However, Faculty of Commerce in Doshisha University allows you to select two majors out of the five choices stated above. Not only a specific major but instead, two!
In addition, studying in Doshisha University helps us develop a global perspective and provides us the chance to meet many International students from all over the world as courses taught entirely in English are also offered at Doshisha University. By taking those courses, you can learn together with both Japanese students and International students. It is a chance to have different learning experience! It provided me a chance to approach other International students who have different backgrounds. I really enjoy meeting them and share our study abroad experience as well as culture differences together.
I am currently taking courses taught entirely in Japanese and one taught entirely in English. Both learning methods are different yet inspiring. By taking both classes, I learned the difference between the way Japanese and International students learn, too. I enjoy attending classes in Doshisha University! So many ways and things to learn, so many people to meet.

T・K (China), Graduate School of Economics, Applied Economics, Master's Program

 After graduating from high school, I decided to come to Japan to study advanced economics and chose Doshisha University as my destination. My time at Doshisha University has been very fruitful and memorable, with many helpful teachers and precious friends. In addition to the university’s tuition-reduction scholarship, I was fortunate enough to receive external scholarships as well. These financial supports let me save time which I would otherwise have had to spend on part-time work, and I could instead concentrate on my specialized field of numerical analysis. As a result I was given the opportunity to obtain both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years through the university’s graduate school early admission system. Having been able to take graduate level courses while I was still in the fourth year of the undergraduate program was a great help for my own research.
Now I have completed the bachelor’s program and am continuing my research on numerical analysis concerning options, aiming to submit the master’s thesis by the end of this academic year. As I deepened my knowledge, I began to think more about my future career. Doshisha University has a liberal atmosphere as well as teachers and systems that help you make your dream come true. It is my belief that nothing is impossible as long as you have passion and work hard. I am sure you will not regret if you choose to study at Doshisha University.