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Application qualification and process for Exchange Students

1. Qualification

  1. Students who receive nomination by home institution in accordance with the exchange agreements
    A list of partner institutions: List of Overseas Partner Institutions
  2. Applicants for the Japanese Language and Culture Module (Nichibun) are required to have a year-long study in college-level Japanese language at the time of enrollment, or the equivalent.
    Applicants (including netive English-speakers) for the Global Education Module (GEM) are required to prove B2 level or higher in CEFR in English by Doshisha's designated English Lanaguage Certificate.

2. Nomination and Application Period

* The estimated date of issuing the “Admission Certificate” may be subject to change depending upon applicant’s submission dates.

Nomination Deadline Submission Deadline Selection Period Notification of Result
Spring semester
late September late October November - December December - January
Fall semester
late of February late March April - May Late May

3. Nomination

  • Call for nomination is e-mailed twice a year (in late December to early January for the fall semester intake and in early to mid August for the spring semester intake).
  • Prescribed Nomination Form must be uploaded to Doshisha's OneDrive from the URL provided in the e-mail of the call for nomination by the program coordinator.
    After reviewing the uploaded nomination form, URL for uploading application materials will be provided, along with instructions and notes.
  • Uploading the application materials must be made by a program coodinator (direct application from applitans are not acceptable.)

4. Documents to be submitted

※All documents (excluding the prescribed forms) must be written in either Japanese or English.
※Application materials must be convert to PDF by scanner or photocopier. (No photographed documents allowed)

*Students who would like to apply for the Japanese Language and Culture Module (hereinafter reffered as Nichibun applicants)
*Students who would like to apply for the Global Education Module (hereinafter reffered as GEM applicants)

  1. Application forms (prescribed forms: 3 pages) (a photo should be pasted in the designated place)
  2. Motivation Letter
    *Nichibun applicants: Handwriting in Japanese (prescribed form)
    *GEM applicants: Typing in English (Free-format)
  3. Proficiency in Japanese (prescribed form)
    *Nichibun applicants: Mandatory
    *GEM applicants: Only those who have experience studying Japanese
    English Language Certificate (prescribed form)
    *Nichibun applicants: No need
    *GEM applicants: Mandatory including native-English speakers
  4. Questionnaire on Japanese Proficiency (prescribed form)
    *Nichibun applicants: No need
    *GEM applicants: Mandatory
  5. Health Certificate (prescribed form)
  6. Academic transcripts issued by the applicant’s home institution
  7. One ID photo
    (taken within 3 months, color, 4cm×3cm, full-faced, uncapped, a plain background)
    * snapshots, digital photos, or color copied photos are unacceptable
    * Please do not use the same photos of the passport
  8. A copy of Passport (The page containing the applicant’s name and photo)
    * Applicants who are dual citizenship in Japanese and another, please submit Japanese passport and an official document showing applicant’s name in Kanji.
    * Applicants who hold Japanese citizenship are required to submit a family register and a supplementary family register when registering as a resident after arriving in Japan, so you are adivsed to prepare these in advance.
  9. Application form of Accommodation (prescribed form)
  10. JASSO Scholarship Application form (prescribed form)
  11. Documents certifying financial ability.
    The following documents are necessary to apply for a "Certificate of Eligibility" (living expenses: at least 100,000JPY/month)

    <In case the applicant is supplying the funds him-/herself>
    • Bank account balance statement in the applicant’s name
    <In case the applicant supplies the funds by a Scholarship or/and Student loan>
    • Prescribed Certificate of scholarship/student loan
    <In case a relative of the applicant supplies the expenses>
    • Prescribed form for “Statement of Expenses Payment” filled out by the guarantor
    • Bank account balance statement of the guarantor
    • Certificate of Employment of the guarantor
    • Certificate of Yearly Income of the guarantor

5. Screening

Staff of the Office of International Students will first review documents to ensure that your application is complete. After the review at the Office of International Students, the Committee of the Center for Global Education and Japanese Studies approves the official acceptance.

6. After being admitted

Upon acceptance, we will provide you with an acceptance letter and information about your upcoming schedule online, which you can download if necessary. When your digital Certificate of Eligibility (e-COE) will be forwarded to you as soon as it is issued, and various information regarding your arrival in Japan and your dormitory will be provided online.

*e-COE for College Student Visa Application
After receiving the e-COE, please apply for a student visa at the Japanese embassy/consulate with jurisdiction over your current residence or permanent residence in your home country.
e-COE screen or printed e-COE, your passport and an admission certificate are required.

*You cannot apply for a student visa in Japan, so please be sure to obtain your student visa on your passport before coming to Japan.

7. Arrival ~ Admission (move-in support Service/Orientation)

Students are requested to arrive in Japan on the date appointed by Doshisha University. Students are able to move into the accommodation upon arrival.
There is no pick-up service at the airport or train station, so please use the map and address in the dormitory guide and move into your dormitory by yourself.
Doshisha University students will meet you at the dormitory as support staff and assist you when you move-in the dormitory.
An orientation at each dormitory, a placement test (interview) and course registration guidance etc. for new International students will be held uppon your arrival.
Detailed information will be sent after approvel of official acceptance.

8. Note

Exchange students are accepted as students of the Center for Globa Education and Japanese Studies and study according to the curriculum offered by the module students choose.

※GEM students from English-speaking countries, or whose English proficiency proves equivalent to a native-speaker may also enroll in up to 3 subjects offered by the Institute for the Liberal Arts (ILA) after consideration. However, request to register ILA courses may not always be granted as many ILA courses have limited space for enrollment.

※Nichibun students who earn excellent scores on "Japanese Placement Tests (online & Interview)" will be allowed to attend lectures at undergraduate or graduate programs within the terms and conditions. (In some cases, however, seminar classes or specialized subjects are only open to regular undergraduate and graduate students.)
*Law School, Business School, Facuty/Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and Faculty/Graduate School of Life and Medical Science don't open any courses to exchange students.

※For those who enroll in the program in accordance with "Center for Global Education and Japanese Studies" inter-faculty exchange agreements with Doshisha partner institutions as "Exchange students", the application procedure may vary.

9. Tuition Fees

Exchange students are exempt from tuition fees under the agreement. Pease contact your home institutions for further information.

10. Contact

Office of International Students
International Center
Doshisha University
Karasuma-Higashi-iru Imadegawa-dori Kamigyo-ku Kyoto 602-8580
Telephone : +81-(0)75-251-3257
E-mail : ji-incmg@mail.doshisha.ac.jp