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Information of International Students

Message from Exchange Students

A Year Spent at Doshisha University: The Best Year

R・W (Home Country : USA)

Since I can remember I have dreamed of spending time in Japan, immersing myself in the culture and studying the language. After studying abroad at Doshisha University I can say that this dream has finally been realized to the fullest extent. My year spent at Doshisha was, by far, the most amazing year of my life thus far. It was everything I was hoping it would be and more, and that is largely due to the amazing exchange program that Doshisha has created. The language classes were engaging, effective, and the teachers were incredible and truly cared about my success and growth. There were also a multitude of other classes available that were equally captivating, ranging from classes on Japanese religion to food culture in Japan. Furthermore, the amazing people at the Office of International Students were very active in making sure that we were comfortable and getting the most out of our experience; organizing immersion events and always available to talk in case we ran into any problems or had any concerns.
The Kyoto lifestyle that comes along with studying abroad at Doshisha was also paragon. My commute entailed a short bike ride through one of the oldest, most picturesque, and most iconic Buddhist temples in Japan. Grocery shopping was always fun and easy; eating out was also a pleasure due to the ubiquity of delicious restaurants found everywhere from Kyoto’s bustling downtown area to the back alleys of quiet suburban neighborhoods. The type of open-minded, intelligent, friendly, and enthusiastic international students that Doshisha attracts also made this cross-cultural experience one of the best experiences of my life to date, and I now have lifelong friends from all over the globe. If I could spend another year studying abroad at Doshisha University, I would in a heartbeat.

If you truly want, you can do anything you want

O・A (Home Country : Germany)

In the morning, when leaving dormitory by my bike and going through the Kyoto Imperial Palace toward the front gate of the Imadegawa Campus, I sometimes find myself smiling. The moment I feel my dream really came true. Most people probably don’t have specific plans just after enrollment in universities in their countries; whether you want to study abroad or to which school you want to transfer. I, however, had made up my mind to study at Doshisha University from the very beginning of leaning Japanese Studies. I had heard that the Center for Japanese Language and Culture offered comprehensive Japanese language programs as well as many optional classes for international students. In addition, “Kyoto” is the most attractive city in the world, offering an exciting blend of traditional and modern cultures, with a number of shrines and temples, various Japanese traditional heritages and beautiful nature. With such perfect environment for both studying and living, I thought Doshisha was the best university that could offer me many infinite possibilities.
“If you truly want, you can do anything you want.” That’s the words my mother has always told me. True to her words, I have achieved what I really wanted to do. You might ask me if this is exactly what I had pictured, but I would say “no.” In fact, it is beyond my dream. Teachers are enthusiastic, and I learn many new things inside and outside of the classroom. Moreover, just in a few weeks after coming here, I’ve made many good friends that I call my little “family in Japan.”
If you are coming to Doshisha, I would like to say “Open your mind, and have fun anyway.” I sincerely hope that each of you would Spend enjoyable time at Doshisha, making your whole experience rememberable.