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Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship

MEXT Scholarship programs handled by Doshisha University are Embassy Recommendation, University Recommendation and Domestic Selection. In all programs, MEXT screens the candidates recommended by the Japanese embassy or universities and selects successful scholarship recipients.

Recommendation and Selection Procedures for Each Program

Recruitment from abroad

Embassy Recommendation: Recruitment is conducted at the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General located in a country where this scholarship is available for application. After the review of application documents by MEXT, successful candidates will be notified of their host university.

University Recommendation: Doshisha University recruits and recommends candidates from among students of our exchange partner universities.

Recruitment within Japan

Doshisha University selects and recommends candidates from among the privately financed international students already enrolled at our university, based on our internal selection criteria.

Availability of Scholarship in Each Program

CategoryRecruitment from abroadDomestic Selection
Embassy RecommendationUniversity Recommendation
Graduate ProgramsResearch Students
(Regular and Special Students)
No recruitment from MEXT since 2016
Teacher Training StudentsDoshisha University doesn't accept students in this category
Undergraduate ProgramsUndergraduate University Students
(Regular Students)
Doshisha University doesn't accept students in this category
Japanese Studies
※「-」means there is no recruitment system
Applicants for University Recommendation and Domestic Selection are selected not through an open recruitment but through a recommendation by universities.