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CGE Program for Exchange Students : Curriculum

Program of the Center for Global Education (CGE) is for exchange students interested in studying Japanese Culture, Society, and Nature in English.


(1) The Center for Global Education (CGE) offers inter-disciplinary courses all conducted in
English, designed for international and Japanese students to foster a better understanding of Japan in a global context. The Center’s program provides in-depth learning opportunities in different fields ranging from the humanities and social sciences to the natural and human sciences.

(2) CGE accepts exchange students who intend to principally take courses on Japanese Culture, Society, and Nature in English offered by CGE. They are classified as ‘students of CGE’. [In contrast, exchange students who intend to study mainly Japanese language are classified as “students of the Center for Japanese Language and Culture.]

(3) Japanese students also attend courses offered by CGE. By studying together in a small and interactive class, exchange students and Japanese students can have more opportunities to have meaningful contact with one another, and benefit from the diversity of perspectives that are represented and shared in the classroom. In this way, the Center offers a unique space for academic collaboration between international and Japanese students that is intended to foster a dynamic academic environment.

(4) Exchange students from English-speaking countries, or whose English proficiency proves equivalent to a native-speaker may also enroll in courses offered by The Institute for the Liberal Arts (ILA) after consideration (up to 3 subjects). ILA courses are also conducted in English at a native level and focus mainly on Japanese culture and society. However, requests to register for ILA courses may not always be granted as many ILA courses have limited space for enrollment.

(5) Students of CGE are also permitted to enroll in Japanese language courses in accordance with their Japanese proficiency (up to 3 credits). The main purpose of the Japanese language courses for students of CGE is to allow them to understand the elements of grammar and acquire basic conversational abilities.

(6) Students of CGE are permitted to use the same facilities as regular students.

Curriculum / Academic Calendar

Courses and Credits

CGE Course List 2023-2024[PDF 180KB]

ILA course list for exchange students for AY 2023[PDF 106KB]
・Students can register up to 3 courses.
・Courses offered for exchange students will be revised every academic year.
・In order to register, a student must obtain approval from the instructor on the first day of class.

Syllabus System
NOTE: There are subjects stating recommended English language requirement in front of "Course Content Summary".
This part is for Japanese students.

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Academic Calendar

Credit Load

The CGE program considers a course that meets for two hours, once a week (x15 weeks) as two credits. (Japanese language courses that meet for two hours, three times a week (x15 weeks), are considered as three credits.)
The maximum course load for CGE students is 30 credits for one year (15 credits per semester). In some cases, students who take courses offered by ILA, credits of taking ILA courses are also included in the maximum course credit load.