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Admissions FAQ

1. For Applicants to Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Q. Is it possible to enter your university in September?
A.September entry is available only for some undergraduate and graduate courses.
For more details please read the Faculty Guide.
However, if requested by the Japanese government, governmental offices of other countries involved, overseas institutions having academic exchange agreements with Doshisha University, or other foundations at home and abroad, or if the applicant has been granted a scholarship by any of these organizations, and if deemed necessary by Doshisha University, enrollment other than April may be approved.

Q. What is the difference between ”applicants residing in Japan” and "applicants residing abroad"?
A.Applicants who reside in Japan and can stay in Japan with a valid visa from the time of application to the time of enrollment can apply as ”applicants residing in Japan”. "Short-stay" visa holders cannot apply as ”applicants residing in Japan”. They are considered as "applicants residing abroad." In addition, even if you hold a valid student visa which will expire before the initial registration procedures, you cannot apply as an”applicant residing in Japan.”
※Exception: The above-mentioned is not applicable to the applicants for the Graduate School of Global Studies. Please refer to the Admissions Guide for International Graduate Students.

Q. All the documents to be submitted must be written in Japanese?
A.Documents can be written either in Japanese or English. If the original document is written in other languages, you are required to submit its Japanese or English translation along with the original document. The translation must be certified by an official body, such as an embassy or consulate general, that it is equivalent to the original. If you cannot obtain such a certified translation, translation by your graduating school or the Japanese language school is acceptable only if it bears the official seal of the school. Please note that the translation made by the private company cannot be accepted.

Q. Do I have to use the prescribed form for letters of recommendation?
A.Letters of recommendation must be provided on the prescribed form.

Q. I have prepared all the application documents other than a certain certificate, which cannot meet the deadline. Could you accept it even after the deadline?
A.All the application documents must be submitted during the application period. The deadline is not extended for any reason.

Q. I will send the application documents on the day before the deadline. Is it possible to meet the deadline?
A.Delivery date varies depending on your living area and other circumstances. Please arrange your application to meet the deadline (Japan time). Otherwise, any application forms submitted or reached after the deadline (Japan time) cannot be accepted.

Q. I would like to know the number of applicants and successful candidates of previous year.
A.Data about the Entrance Examination for International Students can be found here.

Q. Can I obtain the past examination questions?
A.It depends on the faculties / graduate schools. As for the past examination questions, please contact the Office of International Students or office of the relevant faculty or graduate school.

2. For Applicants to Undergraduate Programs

Q. Is there a transfer admission system for Doshisha University?
A.Only a limited number of faculties offer the undergraduate transfer admission system. For more details, please read the Admission Guide for International Students.

Q. I hold a foreign nationality, enrolling in a high school in Japan, and will be graduated from the school. Can I apply for the Entrance Examination for International Students?
A.To apply for the Entrance Examination for International Undergraduate Students, you must meet the following requirement: those who have completed 12-years of regular education outside Japan or expect to complete such education before you enroll at Doshisha. Therefore, if you graduate from a high school of Japan (including international school in Japan, an overseas educational institution accredited by the MEXT), you cannot apply for the Entrance Examination for International Students.

Q.Are there any passing scores of EJU, TOEFL iBT® TEST, TOEFL ITP® TEST, TOEIC® LISTENING AND READING TEST(TOEIC®TEST), IELTS for the Entrance Examination for International Students?
A.Screening is conducted based on comprehensive consideration including independent exams and all the documents to be submitted. Therefore, there are no minimum standardized test scores. However, we set a passing score on a Japanese test as a Foreign Language of EJU as a reference. For more details, please refer to the Admission Guide for International Students.

3. For Applicants to Graduate Programs

Q. Am I required to have taken examinations such as Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or TOEFL?
A.You may be required to submit a certificate(s) of those examinations depending on the program you apply to. Please refer to Admission Guide for International Students for details.

Q. Could you explain "Student Status" for graduate students?
A.International Students at Doshisha University are divided into two categories, Regular Students and Special Students. Please refer to Admission Guide for International Students for details.