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Application Process for Exchange Students

1. Qualification

Students who receive nomination by home institution in accordance with the exchange agreements
A list of partner institutions: List of Overseas Partner Institutions

Applicants for the Center for Japanese Language and Culture are required to have a year-long study in college-level Japanese language at the time of enrollment, or the equivalent.
Applicants whose first language is not English for the Center for Global Education are required to prove B2 level or higher in CEFR in English.

2. Application Period

The estimated date of issuing the “Admission Certificate” may be subject to change depending upon applicant’s submission dates.

 Submission DeadlineSelection PeriodNotification of Result
Spring semester
End of OctoberNovember - DecemberDecember - January
Fall semester
End of MarchApril - MayLate May

3. Documents to be submitted

All documents (excluding the prescribed forms) must be written in either Japanese or English.
A letter of approval for the exchange program by the applicant’s home institution
Prescribed application forms for Admissions to the Exchange Program (7 pages)
*"Proficiency in Japanese" and "Health Certificate" are included
*Students who would like to join the Center for Global Education might be required to submit a certificate of English test.
Academic transcripts issued by the applicant’s home institution
3 ID photos (1 photo should be pasted on the application form)
(taken within 3 months, color, 4cm×3cm, full-faced, uncapped, a plain background)
* snapshots, digital photos, or color copied photos are unacceptable.
* Please do not use the same photos of the passport
A copy of Passport (The page containing the applicant’s name and photo)
* Applicants who hold Korean citizenship, and dual citizenship in Japanese and another, please submit Family register or other official Document showing applicant’s name in Kanji.
Prescribed English Language Certificate issued by partner universities (only for students who would like to join the Center for Global Education. English native speakers do not need to submit this certificate.)
Questionnaire on Japanese Proficiency (only for students who would like to join the Center for Global Education.)
Prescribed Application form of Accommodation
Prescribed application form of JASSO Scholarship
Documents certifying financial ability.
The following documents are necessary to apply for a "Certificate of Eligibility" (living expenses: at least 100,000JPY/month)
<Expenses paid by the applicant>
  • Bank account balance statement in the applicant’s name
<Expenses paid through scholarship/grant or student loan>
  • Prescribed Certificate of scholarship/student loan
<Expenses paid by the applicant’s family members, or relatives>
  • Prescribed form for “Statement of Expenses Payment” filled out by the guarantor
  • Bank account balance statement of the guarantor
  • Certificate of Employment of the guarantor
  • Certificate of Yearly Income of the guarantor

4. Applications submitted to:

Office of International Students
International Center
Doshisha University
Karasuma-Higashi-iru Imadegawa-dori Kamigyo-ku Kyoto 602-8580
Telephone : +81-(0)75-251-3257
E-mail : ji-incmg@mail.doshisha.ac.jp
*All documents must be sent by the coordinator of the applicant’s home institution. We will not accept submissions from applicants directly for whatever reason.

5. Screening

Staff of the Office of International Students will first review documents to ensure that your application is complete. After the review at the Office of International Students, the Committee of CGE or CJLC approves the official acceptance.

6. After being admitted

The Office of International Students will send accepted applicants 'Admission Certificate' and detailed instructions on coming to Japan. After 'Certificate of Eligibility' is issued, our office will send the certificate and other necessary documents (dormitory information etc.) to the coordinator of your home institution. Students are required to complete the following procedure to obtain a student visa immediately upon receiving the documents.

Student Visa procedure
Doshisha University will apply for a 'Certificate of Eligibility' on behalf of the applicant. We will send it to the coordinator of the student’s home institution as soon as it is issued. Plese bring the 'Certificate of Eligibility' to the nearest Japanese Embassy / Consulate to obtain a 'Student (Ryuugaku)' visa before the given deadline.
*You cannot apply for your student visa in Japan. Please complete obtaining your student visa before you depart for Japan.

7. Arrival ~ Admission (Guide service / Orientation)

Students are requested to arrive in Japan on the date appointed by Doshisha University. Students are able to move into the accommodation upon arrival.
Doshisha Volunteer Students will welcome exchange students at Imadegawa Campus, Doshisha University, and to guide you to your accommodations.
Placement test and orientation etc for new International students will be held uppon your arrival.
Detailed information will be sent after approvel of official acceptance.

8. Note

Exchange students are accepted as 'students of the Center for Globa Education (CGE-sei)' or 'students of the Center for Japanese Language and Culture (Nichibun-sei)' and study according to the curriculum offered by the Center.

※CGE-sei from English-speaking countries, or whose English proficiency proves equivalent to a native-speaker may also enroll in courses offered by the Institute for the Liberal Arts (ILA) after consideration. However, request to register ILA courses may not always be granted as many ILA courses have limited space for enrollment.

※Nichibun-sei who earn excellent scores on 'Japanese Placement Test' will be allowed to attend lectures at undergraduate or graduate programs within the terms and conditions. (In some cases, however, seminar lasses or specialized subjects are only open to regular undergraduate and graduate students.)

※For those who enroll in the program in accordance with 'Nichibun Center' inter-faculty exchange agreements with Doshisha partner institutions as 'Exchange students', the application procedure may vary.

※Subject to change due to COVID-19 situation.

9. Tuition Fees

Exchange students are exempt from tuition fees under the agreement. Pease contact your home institutions for further information.