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About Exchange Program

Information for the exchange program (Nichibun Program)

Doshisha University accepts exchange students from the partner institutions.
If you are interested in coming to Doshisha University as an exchange student, please ask the International Center at your home institution if your institution has a student exchange agreement with Doshisha University.

The Nichibun program offers intensive Japanese language courses mainly in the morning, Monday through Friday. In the afternoon, the Nichibun program offers various lecture courses in Japanese Studies and International Studies (conducted mainly in Japanese or English) and Japanese and English Language Seminars. Students who show a good command of the Japanese language through the placement test will be allowed additionally to take courses at Doshisha’s undergraduate programs, taking classes together with regular Japanese students

If you would like to know more details about the Exchange Program, please see this pamphlet.

Guide for the Exchange Program 2015-2016
【English】Guide for the Exchange Program 2015-2016 [PDF 2.6MB]
【Japanese】交換留学案内 2015-2016 [PDF 2.6MB]

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Application Process for Exchange Students